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Two robo-friends are having a great time playing volleyball and enjoying their conversation. Suddenly, battery of the tall, frail one experiences a critical failure! Deprived of life energy he can not move or speak, all his functions are suspended. Without hesitation his big-hearted friend throws him his own power cell, knowing he will now face the same fate. Revived robot comes with the idea of sharing this single battery between them two, to get through the journey of finding a new one. Despite facing this adventure together, with only one active at the time they won't exchange a single word with each other. At least they will be lonely together.

Install instructions

To play un-zip in desired folder and run "OnlyOne.exe"

Button scheme:
A / D - Move left / right
W / Space - Jump
Left Mouse - Throw the battery
R - Restart level
Esc - Exit Game

P.S. I just got to the end of the last level and found out I forgot to end the game at that point, so you will just have to close it manually with "esc".
Sorry for the inconvenience, but it being my first Game Jam I'm just happy that I managed to finish it on time.


OnlyOne.zip 17 MB

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